Uses and applications of Sprague rappaport stethoscope

Posted by Nurses on August 28, 2015
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Verily, Sprague rappaport stethoscope is the most sought stethoscope on the market widely. The principal reason being its great versatility as well as having superb acoustic features.


The Sprague rappaport stethoscope was invented through the 1940s, named following its inventors, Sprague and rappaport. This design features two edges, diaphragm and a bell lastly. The primary idea behind this model was the easiness for your physician to alternate betwixt a diaphragm and bell for locating the multiple noises made by a body, by little meandering of the chest piece just.

Reason of heightened popularity

The core reason of its immense popularity is principally because of its interchangeable chest piece as per the user’s need. Furthermore, it manufactured from heavy-walled 22’’ tubes, avoiding any external noises getting into these devices in extreme circumstances even. The dual part stethoscope is one of the present day acoustic models available in the medial industry today. It possesses simplistic design with dual program enabling doctors using according to their relevant application. Adding on further, it is in addition to the patient’s age/ size during exam.

Sprague rappaport stethoscope

Indie of size/ age

Sprague rappaport stethoscopes have grown to be typical in colleges, hospitals and medical practice overall. Their intrinsic design and applicability for utilizing it of a patient’s size/ age makes them highly reliable regardless. They could be applied to an infant and a full grown specific. The chest pieces are would have to be interchanged to support various sizes for maximum accuracy. Because of diverse selection of upper body parts at their removal, the physicians can simply locate the foundation of sound and present proper diagnostic evaluation to an individual. An insufficient chest piece shall remain definately not accurate from seeking the way to obtain sound.

Working mechanism

As other stethoscopes in the medical industry just, the earpieces are inserted into a physician’s ears and he uses the diaphragm/ bell for hearing sounds originating from lungs/ hearts and other areas of body.

The chest piece is twisted so long as the physician hears the clicking sound. It means that diaphragm/ bell are in exact position. The diaphragm can be used for tuning directly into high-frequency sounds created by human body as the bell is used for detecting low=rate of recurrence sounds from a human.

In conclusion

Last however, not minimal, any Sprague rappaport stethoscope is easy-to-use, reliable and a physician’s apparent selection of stethoscope. It really is comfortable to wear with hardened pipes blocking external sounds effortlessly. Way more, the chest pieces can be interchanged when required. Thence, it’s recognition is justified.

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List of best stethoscope for nursing students

Posted by Nurses on August 28, 2015
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A stethoscope can be a device, nursing students make use of for the next purposes such as:

Calculating blood pressure

Listening upper body/ lung noises

The stethoscope is essential nursing gear as a total result. It’s hard to finalize the best stethoscope for nursing students at competitive efficiency and price. Detailed alow are best stethoscopes for nursing students at moderate prices and apt for nursing website.

3M Littman Classic II S.E. Stethoscope (28’’ tubes)

This popular version from Littman is common in a wide selection of colors such as:

  • Pearl pink
  • Black
  • Purple
  • Caribbean blue

Furthermore, its features include non-chill rim and latex-free tubes, making it the favourite for medical patients with this basic Littman. With high acoustic sensitivity, two-sided upper body piece and finally, the diaphragm is tunable. The marketplace price because of this stethoscope is $100 by yet.

best stethoscope for nursing students

3M Littman Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope (28’’ tubes)

The basic level product from Littman is a feathery stethoscope boasts of the tuning diaphragm and two-sided chest piece. It really is available in multiple colors including:

  • Green
  • Lilac
  • Sea foam green
  • Black
  • Cell blue

It really is familiar to its predecessor model Littman II S eerily.E. stethoscope. Furthermore, it includes non-chill rim as well as a diaphragm also. It is a significant popular product among nurses, apt for high experienced and newbie nurses. Its retail price is $57 by yet. It’s the best stethoscope for nursing students during college days undoubtedly.

3M Littman cardiology III Stethoscope (27’’ tubes)

Because of its consumer features, it’s apt for both children and adults. Littman Cardiology III stethoscope is the only person in the cardiology category outfitted with a two-sided upper body piece. Furthermore, it also features dual lumen for getting rid of unneeded disturbance which occurs when pipes are exposed to one another. As its other models in the lineup just, it has non-chill bell and a tunable diaphragm. Adding on further, it’s available in multiple colors such as:

  • Purple
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Chocolate

The high-profile stethoscope will set you back $206, providing great affordability. It is among the best stethoscope for nursing students and seasoned doctors.

3M Littman Master Classic II Stethoscope (27’’ tubes)

This classic Littman model has won accolades for an ergonomic design unmatched in the stethoscope market. Furthermore, it is well known because of its exemplary diagnostic performance as well sensitivity to acoustics. This style of classic Littman is recommended by most doctors and nurses alike greatly. It gets the similar equivalent features such as:

  • Non-chill rim
  • Made up of latex free materials
  • Anatomical headset
  • Diaphragm

It’s available in various colors (green, blue, dark) with a retail price of $145.

3M Littman Classic II S.E (28’’ tubes)

This version of Littman stethoscope provides chrome look. The differentiating factor is the black plated ear tubes and chest piece obviously. Of the color regardless, its performance is versatile with no compromises on quality and durability. Its style is unmatched in its selection of stethoscopes. Additionally, it’s very delicate to acoustics, possessing a tunable diaphragm, non-chill rim, an anatomical headset and last free is constructed of latex-free materials. This version of stethoscope is released in dark color with a retail value of $105.

Providing great functionality, this stethoscope’s diaphragm and bell can be interchanged when patient’s pressure increases speedily. It greatly expedites the procedure of physical monitoring and calculating blood pressure of a person. Nursing students utilize this stethoscope during their graduation. With this style of traditional Littman, nursing students could work in a competitive environment speedily.

3M Littman Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope (28’’ tubes)

This model has been created for the infant group especially. The Littman traditional pediatric stethoscope contains two-sided upper body piece plus a specialized diaphragm, making the most of sensitivity for distinguishing from both high/ low regularity sounds.

Because of its specified group, it is latex-free and features of anatomical design, non-chill rim and special diaphragm to provide maximum comfort. Its retail price is $111 by yet available in wide spectral range of colors.

The classic Littman model has a warm (non-chilly) diaphragm in order to prevent the patient’s a reaction to a cold instrument. Littman stethoscopes will be the market standard, suggested by patients and physicians alike highly. Its hearing tips are comfortable and tight. Moreover, its tubing is foldable for putting inside its casing easily. It retains its form despite of the erratic putting and handling.

Omron Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope

Another popular stethoscope in this lineup can be an Omraon version, listed for a marginal $19. Its features include:

Free tubing latex

Upper body piece (stainless- plated)

As again, the stethoscope exists in a diverse selection of colors including:

  • Dark green
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Dark blue

Moreover, the tubes lengths can be purchased in multiple size. Add-ons include:

  • Open bells
  • Ear tips
  • Vinyl case
  • Diaphragms

Thence, the best stethoscope for nursing students is dependent upon the user efficiency along with price affordability. The functions are similar with a variety of colors variety as yet another advantage

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