[Cleaning guide] How to take care of your feather mattress

Posted by Nurses on April 03, 2016
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Feather mattress is a type of mattress that is extremely soft and comfortable usually made of down alternative mattress topper or feathers or even in a blended form of both materials. Feather mattresses are used worldwide and is appreciated by a huge number of those sleepers which love to sleep calmly and peaceful. These mattresses are no doubt most soft and comfy bedding one may love to sleep on.

Every product has its some own pros, cons and specifications. No product is perfect at all. We are here to guide you about some basics for the usage of an important bedding item, the mattress. This article will not only serve you to get information about how to take care of your feather mattress topper but will also give you information about some basic knowledge about this type of mattress.

Generally speaking if you have feather mattress you are lucky enough. We are saying this on the base that such mattress doesn’t need to wash or clean after every week or two. And if you are a busy person, you don’t get even time to take care of your products. So usually keeping a feather type mattress under sunlight for hours or two is enough in a year.

But sometimes it really becomes important to clean your mattress. You must have to follow proper guidelines to clean your feather mattress. We are here to give you some tips from Just Go Sleep that will help you in cleaning of your feather mattress. Let’s have a glance over themfeather mattress

  1. Label and tag
  2. Wear and tear investigations
  3. Washing machine and cleaning agents
  4. Cool water washing and hot water washing
  5. After wash
  6. Drying of your mattress
  7. Hanging of mattress

Now let’s discuss these main points briefly

  • It is recommended for you to always check the tag attached to your product before washing it. It is usually instructed there about how to wash your product and what to avoid during washing. The most important thing to consider is the drying method. Always see whether the product needs a drying method or a liquid detergent method for cleaning purposes.
  • Then you should investigate properly is there any wear or tear issues in your product? Observe properly about the scratches on your mattress. The next thing to consider is the washing agent and washing machine. Some washing agents are totally inappropriate for your products and may cause destruction of your bedding item.
  • Well generally speaking it is usually mentioned on the item or product that in which temperature it would remain in its best condition. But if it isn’t mentioned first wash your product in cool water and then in hot water. It will clean your product and will remove all dirt completely.
  • You must use after – wash agents, after washing of your bedding product in detergent. Generally speaking – after – wash agents are made of such ingredients that keep your bedding items in better condition. Detergents are hard in nature and may cause damage to your bedding items. After a good wash, dry your product in dryer machine and then hang it for a hour or two.

Precisely speaking you don’t need to serve hundreds of dollars on cleaning of your bedding items. Try above simple points!

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