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Choosing the best Pregnancy Pillow for weight loss

Posted by Nurses on June 12, 2017
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Can Pregnancy Weight Loss Be GoodSince you possess a newborn, you most likely consider a lot of things: whenever ought to you give food to your infant, exactly what will you perform if they whines, as well as exactly how will you eliminate unwanted weight which you loaded during pregnancy. Are you thinking for Pregnancy Pillow for weight loss?

 Just in case you began in a regular weight & you acquired the actual twenty-five in order to thirty-five lbs which your doctor probably suggested, it will not really consider you a lot more than two months in order to return to your regular weight, particularly if you physical exercise watching exactly what you usually consume.

Choosing the best onePregnancy & Nursing Pillow

  •  Consider your period. You have to provide your body plenty of time to recuperate through work & shipping.
  • Don’t begin to view your calorie consumption & positively attempt to lose fat till your 6-week postpartum checkup.
  • As well as just in case you are nursing, this is recommended to not begin going on a diet till your infant is a minimum of 8 weeks aged.
  • This particular is since it will consider you lengthier to recuperate in the event that you shed additional weight soon after delivery.
  • Additionally, it may help to make you really feel exhausted. In addition, in the event that you are medical, going on a diet will impact the actual way to obtain whole milk.
  • Consequently, you ought to be individual and permit your body to do its features, as well as you will shed much more weight normally.
  • Like a nursing mom, this is vital that you shed additional weight gradually. If you shed your additional weight rapidly, you will create much less quantity of whole milk.
  • This is necessary to realize that nursing will help to make your body burn off calories from fat.
  • You need to be individual as well as you will end up being amazed from just how much weight you will normally shed whilst nursing.

What to eat for weight lose?Healthy weight loss after birth

  • Make sure that you consume breakfast every day. This particular is extremely important since it will provide you sufficient power to begin your day time, as well as you will not really feel exhausted later on.
  • Don’t by pass any kind of dinner. If you by pass foods, your body power will end up being much less, as well as you will not really have the ability to shed weight.
  • Restrict body fat, sugars, as well as desserts.
  • Select cooked or even broiled rather than toast meals.
  • Select non-fat whole milk & milk products. You need to just make use of fat-free or even low-fat milk products.
  • Consume 5 – 6 little foods every single day along with wholesome treats between rather than 3 bigger foods.
  • Consider your period whilst consuming. Through therefore performing, you will understand that you are complete very easily.
  • Whenever you take treats, choose fruits and vegetables. Meals for example grapefruits, plums, fruits, celery, spice up whitening strips, as well as celery are the very best treat options.
  • This particular is simply because they are lower in body fat, however full of dietary fiber as well as nutritional vitamins.
  • Consuming sufficient drinking water will aid your body in order to get rid of away body fat.
  • You need to restrict beverages for example fruit juices, soda pops, as well as every other liquid along with calories from fat as well as sugars.

To sum up

The majority of pregnancy pillows are positioned in between your thighs. This particular places an excessive amount of stress about the base lower-leg as well as draws about the back. You’ll additionally discover that these types of pillows don’t assistance the entire lower-leg or even keep your stylish, leg as well as feet in the exact same elevation. If the actual lower-leg isn’t in the proper elevation you will encounter soreness as well as discomfort. Situated properly as well as your lower-leg will really feel weightless as well as your infant will possess optimum room. Using the Unique Mumanu Pregnancy Pillow, your base lower-leg is at the rear of the actual pillow therefore there’s no stress onto it.


Littmann Electronic Stethoscope – Things You Should Know

Posted by Nurses on August 06, 2015
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Littmann electronic stethoscope can be a game-changer to some as it adds capability of being able to record, transmit and better listen to various ranges of frequencies. This type of stethoscope falls into two broad categories, namely amplifying and digitizing.

One of the biggest problems of acoustic or traditional stethoscope is that its sound level is too low. But not with electronic stethoscope, especially made by Littmann. It utilizes advanced technology that overcomes the low sound levels.

It does that by amplifying body sounds obtained from its chest piece and transformed those sounds into electronic signals. These electronic signals will now be processed for optimal listening.

What are the Benefits of Using this Stethoscope?

The benefits are aplenty. With this unit, you can obtain superior auscultation. But this is just one of its main advantages.

It’s also easy to use and comfortable to hang on your shoulders. Plus, it’s equipped with other powerful features that may make you abandon your old manual, acoustic stethoscope.

Those who are already using this stethoscope have already taken advantage of this unit. For these professionals, they have reported an improved in their detection of S3 gallops.

They also said that they can now properly hear aortic regurgitation murmurs, as well as abnormal lung sounds. And these things couldn’t be easily heard through those standard acoustic scopes.

littmann electronic stethoscope

Although this type of stethoscope is quite different, it still appears like a standard stethoscope. However, the head is a bit heavier. On its head, you’ll notice its LCD screen. The screen is quite pleasing to the eyes.

The screen displays several pertinent data, like volume, diaphragm type, battery level and heart rate, as well as Bluetooth connection. Below the LCD, you’ll find buttons to control volume.

And because it’s an electronic stethoscope, you shouldn’t expect it to have a traditional bell or the diaphragm system. Thus, even if you press it harder, it won’t activate diaphragm. It won’t lighter the bell, either.

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With this electronic device, you’ll remain a good skin contact. It doesn’t matter what type of sounds you’re listening for. You can choose the desired setting of your diaphragm button. For the first setting, you may choose from 20 hertz to 200 hertz. It actually mimics the bell.

The next setting that you can control is to simulate the diaphragm that emphasizes different frequencies, from 100 hertz to 500 hertz.

Compared with the analog stethoscope, this electronic unit lets you listen to full spectrum of sounds. And it can be done simultaneously. It’s possible because this unit can pick up a full range of frequencies. The various settings of this unit will filter out sounds outside.

This type of stethoscope comes with various sizes of earpieces. Most users like the standard pieces. They are comfortable to their ears and have provided them with a perfect seal.

Another great thing about this unit is that you can easily adjust its volume. The sound will remain clear and undistorted even if you move or your patient will move. Even if you turn down the volume, you can still properly hear body sounds of your patients.

You’ll also like the fact that Littmann electronic stethoscope displays heart rate of your patient. Simply place it onto your patient’s chest for a few seconds and the LCD will show his/her heart rate. It’s not a show-stopper, however. But it’ll give you a handy tool. Instead of looking at your watch to get the correct heart rate, you don’t have to with this unit.

In addition to amplifying the sounds, this unit can also record all body sounds that have been transmitted to this unit. You can analyze those sounds, especially heart sounds, through a certain computer program.

This type of program lets you analyze recorded body sound by transmitting it to a PC via wireless Bluetooth. Then, using your computer, you can play back the sounds. When you play back, you can add or remove filters to better analyze the sound.

This is especially useful if you’re trying to determine patient’s cardiac murmur. By changing the filters using your computer program, you can easily analyze and perform great cardiac examination that you’ve been trying to record and find out.

However, those computer programs that can playback the recorded sounds can only be installed on a PC. Thus, if you’re a Mac user, you’ll need to find a PC first before you can hear them. Then again, the transmission of the sounds is quick and easy. You also won’t have a problem using the program as it’s intuitive to use.

The ability of it in identifying murmurs outperforms those other devices that are designed for this purpose. However, it won’t replace the use of ultrasound machine. But the purpose of those computer programs won’t be of any use during an emergency situation. Then again, this could be a great tool.

This type of stethoscope is indeed a great step toward providing your patients with better assessment of their conditions. It offers superior sounds and filtering abilities. With the addition of Bluetooth connection and computer program, it does take this unit to the 21st century.

Now, as to the price, expect it to be more expensive than those acoustic stethoscopes. However, it’s worth the price. That is, if you really care about your patient’s condition. This unit can give you proper assessment as you can properly hear their body sounds. You can hear full range of frequencies.

On Amazon, you’ll find discounted rates.

If you’ve been a user of acoustic stethoscope, then this stethoscope from Littman can be a great upgrade. It will also give you a boost in your career as you can easily assess your patient’s condition.


Littmann electronic stethoscope is indeed a great tool for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to better assess their patients. If you can’t afford this unit, you might want to look at 3M Littmann cardiology III stethoscope. It can offer you with better auscultation. If you’re just starting in your medical profession, let our tips on how to use a stethoscope help you out to fully maximize the use of this medical device.